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APE IO is seeking a web programming guru to help us create a great new cloud storage system that will change the way the world stores files online. SEND CV TO recruit@ape.sg and joanne@ape.sg

Do you live, breath, and sleep codes? Do you mentally create wireframes and flow charts for every system you see? Do you go full OCD on your personal and professional hacking and programming projects, unable to concentrate on food, sleep, or personal hygiene until you’ve created the most beautiful site flows and code? If you were unable to answer those questions because you were too busy mapping a better way to ask them, then we might have a job for you.

1 Senior Application Programmer (C, C++)
----- Candidates should possess the following skills:
Advanced level experience in C and C++ and OOP Programming (at least 4 years experience)
Experience with linux and system administration
Have used version control like Git in the past
Knowledge in Java and PHP will be a bonus
Ability to customize open source codes for projects like VSFTP, Varnish and Apache

1 Senior PHP Web Developer
---- Candidates should possess the following skills:
Advanced level experience in PHP using MVC frameworks and OOP.
Experience with linux and system administration
Have used version control like Git in the past
Ability to pick up other programming languages like Python, C++ quickly
Knowledge of modern web technologies ( AJAX, Javascript, HTML 5, etc.)
At least basic knowledge of Linux OSes (we’re an all open source shop)

We're a tech idea incubator based in Singapore setting up a development and technical office in Cebu City. We have 3 core consumer internet products under active development. As part of Ape Communications Pte Ltd in Singapore we love great ideas and want to experiment on every and anything and invite people to join us commercialize ideas and impact the world. Read more at http://www.ape.io or http://www.ape.sg

Work for a company that encourages you to learn and stay on top of the latest trends in the webosphere.
Build services that will change the way the world sees the Internet and do things that have never been done before.
Be part of a tight-knit talented engineering team where your opinions will get heard and be valued.
Lots of room for growth in a fairly small but quickly growing company based in Singapore, the United States and the Philippines.

Work on creating and customizing server side applications running on linux
Work closely with the product manager to roll out features
Proactively keep up to date on latest tools, trends, plugins, techniques and shortcuts.

OUR CORE PHILOSOPHIES (make sure you are either nodding your head in agreement or saying “no duh” as you are reading the items below before bothering to apply)

Codes should be easily navigable, frustration-free, and clean.
We have a standards-based approach to creating applications because it allows us to create services that are fast, flexible, multi-device accessible and future-proof.

APPLICATION PROTOCOL: Absolutely must send us a link to your online portfolio or examples of your work to be given consideration. Please put “Web Developer” in the subject line of your correspondence. No phone calls or surprise office drop-bys. Email to recruit@ape.io

Note: This is not a low pressure job. We churn out features in three days that take other companies three months.

Bonus points for anyone that tells us about their most interesting or unusual side coding project.

Office address in the Philippines: Keppel Building, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

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